Below is a brief outline of the course:

1.       Introduction to Mindfulness

In week one we discuss the meaning and utility of mindfulness and practice several different kinds of mindfulness exercises. 

2.       Compassion

In week two we engage in a variety of exercises designed to build compassion and love for ourselves and others. 

3.       Acceptance

In week three we engage with the meaning of “Radical Acceptance” and practice some meditations aimed at increasing our ability to accept difficult situations and release ourselves from added suffering.

4.       Attention to Relationships

In week four we use mindfulness to better understand our interactions with other people and patterns in relationships.  We look to mindfulness for ways to notice these patterns and expand our sense of self.

5.       Finding Joy in the Present

In week five we engage in a series of meditations to notice and expand our awareness even in the presence of physical pain and/or emotional discomfort.

6.       Goodbye

In week six we wrap up our work together, decide what lessons people want to take with them, and engage in one last extended mindfulness exercise.

6 Week Mindfulness Course:

Dr. Maria Saavedra Finger will be running 6 week mindfulness courses on an ongoing basis.  The group is for anyone interested in becoming more mindful and improving their overall wellness.  Each session will last 60 minutes, and it will take place at 900 Westfall Rd, Suite D, Rochester, NY 14618.  The cost of the 6 week course is $210, and it will be limited to 8 participants.  You must be over 20 years old to participate in this group.  If you are interested in participating in this course or getting more information, contact Dr. Maria Saavedra at 585-337-0680 or send her an email at  

You can learn more about mindfulness by reading the following links from my blog: